Writing Better Copy Using Buyer Intent

While most business owners (hopefully) know their target demographic, it can be challenging to write copy to create conversions. For websites that are merely profit driven, a writer must understand the products’ advantages and flaws. You should only be writing on products that are related to your website but you can also discuss your industry, technology that will improve your products, etc.

Create Honest Reviews

Of course you’ll want the best reviews possible but if you present false positive reviews, you’ll end up losing customers. Let’s say you’re selling hospital beds and comfort is much more important than the design. You can easily present comfort as the greatest advantage and still mention if the design isn’t exactly high-quality.

Buyers probably won’t care about the design and will be more interested in the fact that you have honest, insightful reviews. If your product does what it says on the website, the client will surely come back.

Provide Answers to Common Questions

People surfing the internet are looking for answers to questions or they’re trying to purchase a new product. Users who are looking for products and services are typically less patient than those looking for new knowledge. Make sure to be concise, direct and give step-by-step directions. Especially when you’re writing about a product, users don’t care about your opinion, they want facts about the product.

Most importantly, when writing for a specific audience just make sure you are writing the facts. Back up your facts with research and if you’re going to include an opinion, use a reputable source.

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