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Writing A Good Headline

Whether you are writing a blog or social media post, the headline of the topic is one of the most important things to consider; this is what will grab a reader to actually read your post or blog. If it is not interesting or does not grab a reader’s attention, then the content within the blog might not even matter because it might not even be seen. It is the first thing that someone will see on your post so make sure it is intriguing! Here are some tips on how to create a headline that will draw people towards a post.

  • Avoid a Click-bait Headline – Click-bait articles are the ones you see at the bottom of news websites and a bunch on Facebook or other social media. An example of this is “This item has been banned in several countries, read why it is still here in the USA” or something along those lines. In order to read the story you have to click on the headline. Yes, clicks is essentially what you want but these posts are seen and considered as spam and turn users away.
  • Length – You want to have a headline that gets the main point of the article across without boring the reader. Lengthy headlines are of no use to reader as it may give away too much of what the article is about which will make the reader not even click on the post to read its entirety. In addition, on Google search result pages, there is a 60 character limit to the page titles. You want to make sure what you want to be seen is seen and not get cut off by the limit.
  • Truthfulness – Make sure that the headline mentions what will be in the article. Many spam articles (click-bait) offer something that interests a reader in the headline, but then has nothing relevant after they click on the link. To have a good post, and a good headline, make sure that the headline prompts the reader of what is to come.
  • Keywords – Having keywords in your headline is important because it helps with ranking as well as helping the reader identify what the article is about. In addition, people who are searching for keywords similar might come across your article and read it then look more into your business.
  • Lists – For most, an article with just words on top of words can be unattractive to the eye. Having a blog with lists is a great way to make the experience easier for the reader. In addition, it shows organization within the post.

Using these tips can help you make the perfect headline for any blog or social media post with an article attached. Make sure the headline is a good length, informative, and is attention grabbing.


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