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While working with Boston Web Marketing and my numerous clients, sometimes information and plans get mixed up or lost in the shuffle of everyday business.  This blog post will help you with those times of knowing what is going on with your SEO endeavors for that month or season.  Something I encourage my clients to do is provide as much content or other information for that specific month’s tasks.  Whether that be Facebook or Twitter posts, new articles to put up on their blogs with the dates they would like them posted, new jobs performed etc.  That is because most SEO specialists have a checklist prepared of what they like to accomplish for a specific client for each month.  With the added input from the client it gives the SEO specialist a good eye on what their main focuses are for that month or season. This helps keep the business owner involved with the whole web marketing process and it lets the SEO specialist know exactly what to focus on instead of making educated guesses.  These early month meetings for content and other material helps make a web marketers job much easier and in turn help them boost your online presence.


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