Working with the Weather

While it is always most important to reflect on any and all of the most recent changes and adaptions in the SEO world, there are also times where it is beneficial for a company or brand to evaluate all past efforts and go back to the basics.  It is easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of social media, bookmarking, website design and more, but those who strive to achieve the best online exposure and success should also be sure that the initial SEO steps that were once taken are still the most relevant to the terms and keywords they are hoping to be found for.  With the recent heat wave and the summer season quickly approaching, there is no better opportunity to spend a little time reevaluating the SEO foundation that was once laid and revisit areas such as your website’s page titles and meta-descriptions.  To all of the seasonal companies out there: this especially means you.

Companies can experience ups and downs in business depending on the season and time of year, and when things begin to pick back up again, those keywords that they were most focused on being found for in the winter, for example, may no longer take priority come spring or summer.   A landscaper, for instance, might promote snowplowing services during the months where snow storms are worst, but when the warm weather hits they are inevitably taking out lawnmowers rather than plows.  It is for this reason that the way a company’s site is optimized becomes so crucial, as you need to adapt and alter business-related keywords accordingly.

Not only is it important to take the seasonal changes into consideration, the adjustment in the weather is also a perfect time to promote yourself as a company or brand.  Salons, for example, can emphasize hair services with something such as, “lighten up your hair color to match the warmer weather,” or nail services by suggesting, “get a pedicure today to show off your toes in your cute new sandals.” The opportunities are plentiful for companies who take some time to brainstorm ways that they can connect the services or products they offer with what is happening in the outside world around them.

So, while our main goal right now may be to devise a plan to stay cool in this heat, do not forget that this recent change in the season and weather is an opportunity for you to adjust and enhance your tactics and your website, and ultimately boost your online exposure in the process.


By Casey Guntlow

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