WordPress releases version 4.7: Exciting changes for 2017!

WordPress’ new 4.7 update comes with many new features, including a new theme: Twenty Seventeen. This new theme can be customized with classic elements such as widgets, navigation, social menus, a logo, custom colors, and more!

Customization Mode
Setting up a new theme has been revamped. When users enter customization mode, they are able to add placeholder content. This will let users make any changes and preview them without making any live changes to the website!

Also, while in customization mode, users will see a round blue icon next to web page elements that can be quickly edited such as titles, subtitles, and menus.

Header Videos
One of the most intriguing updates to WordPress 4.7 is the ability to add a video to the header, instead of using an image. Users can upload an mp4 file or use a link to a YouTube video.

Menu Building
Sometimes while customizing their website, users will think of a page they want to add. With the new update, users can simply create a new page while customizing the menu. The page will be automatically created in the backend for editing later on.

Custom CSS
When adding custom CSS to a website, users will be able to preview the changes instantly. Before, users had to refresh the page over and over with every change. The update has made adding CSS much more efficient!

Other Improvements
WordPress has also made a couple of other improvements to their backend. PDFs will now generate a thumbnail preview much like images and videos. There will also be the ability to add different languages in the admin area, in case there is multiple people working on the website who speak different languages.

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