WordPress Adds Advanced SEO Tools

Whether you are new to the SEO world or you’re a veteran, WordPress has just added a new feature to their platform to help with all basic SEO needs. On Monday, the content management system announced a new tool feature  called “Advanced SEO Tools” to assist with simple SEO.

This feature includes:

  • Ability to create custom meta descriptions for for blog posts.
  • Ability to write custom elements for different pages. Some page titles can be formatted Post Name | Site Name,  while other pages can be written as Site Name | Tagline. 
  • New preview tool that shows you how a URL will look in search results on Google. In addition, this preview can show users how a URL will look like when it is shared on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

To those that are familiar with SEO practices, these updates are basic functionality tools that can be found in any SEO plugin. However, for those that are new to owning a website and have little knowledge on SEO,  these new tools are a perfect way to jump start your business. As well as getting your new website in good standing with Google’s search results. WordPress also included that this feature was made for Business Plan users as they are the most common users that are new to the SEO world.

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