Wix Websites Drop From Google’s Search Results

Recently many Wix websites have noticed a drop in rankings on Google’s search results. Wix is one of the popular website building platforms, used by many small businesses. In the past few weeks, there have been many reports that Wix websites are not currently being indexed or ranked by Google.

Google has confirmed that there is, in fact, an issue. Recently Google’s John Muller announced that they will be working on their end to figure out the issue and bring Wix web pages back into Google’s index. John also went on to say, “One thing that you might notice is that we’ll be recrawling these sites a bit faster to get the dropped pages back into the index a bit faster”. If you are using a Wix website and have seen a drop in your rankings, you aren’t alone. It seems that Google has acknowledged the issue and is working on their end to fix it.


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