Winter is Coming: Off-Season SEO Strategy

If you are into Game of Thrones as much as I am, then you know “winter is coming” and in fact is already here. The Night King is ready to destroy all of mankind, but Jon Snow and others are ready to take a stand (Don’t worry, I won’t include any spoilers). Unfortunately, for many seasonal businesses, it may also feel like winter is coming for you. Seasonal businesses normally experience highs and lows making it extremely difficult to budget and stay relevant during off-peak season. The same can be said for your SEO tactics. Here’s how you can prepare your SEO plan for the offseason.

How to Prepare your SEO strategy for the offseason

SEO takes times to work. From learning new search algorithms from Google to the physical addition of content, your SEO strategy is meant to move you up rankings through steady additions and optimization to your website.

One of the keys here is to have an effective form of tracking and communication set up. Having your campaigns up to date and having all necessary parties know how it is performing is vital so that you can develop a baseline of how it was performing before the offseason. This allows you to set better, more realistic goals. For example, If you own a landscaping business and you average 100 conversions per month during the summer, you can’t possibly expect to maintain that average when its winter and customers have little need for landscaping services.

Clear Commutation About Goals

Let’s be clear, goals are not guarantees. The goal of SEO is to try and get you found more often. Setting monetary values to goals is something each individual company can decide to do and can be quite the double-edged sword. If things go well, you look like you made the company money but if things go poorly it can be thrown back in your face. It is important to distinguish your company’s stance on goals so that there is no confusion. If unrealistic monetary goals are set, then you are in digging yourself a hole before you even get a chance to prove yourself. Don’t get pressured into agreeing on goals without being able to back them up, especially during an off-peak business season where it’s hard to predict what will happen. The more you communicate your plan, your actions going forward, and why you are making those decisions, the smoother your SEO campaign will go.

Boston Web Marketing

Boston Web Marketing specializes in providing companies unique SEO plans to fit their business. Don’t let the Night King, and your off-peak business season, get the best of you; prepare like Jon Snow for winter and have your company ready to take the Iron Throne of search. For more information, give us a call at (857) 526-0096!

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