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Will We Get More Than 90 Days Of Search Analytics Data?

Within the current search analytics console, you can view a variety of data over the past 90 days. The available data includes total clicks, impressions, average position, and average click through rate for specific keywords that your website is rankings for. While it only shows the past 90 days, there’s an option to manually export and store these statistics.

Google Webmasters Trends Analyst, Zineb Ait Bahajji is asking webmasters for reasons why Google should increase their current 90 days’ worth of data within the Google Search Analytics.

For a little history on the fact, Google increased the data to show 90 days back in April, 2012. Since then, it has yet to be changed. In September of 2013, Google told us that we would receive a full years’ worth of data. Again, in the beginning of 2015, Google told us we would receive that year of data, but as you now know, it never came.

While Googles Search Console offers a few helpful tools, having a full years worse of data in Google Search Analytics will be a major convenience for webmasters. If you agree and want to offer your input, go to twitter, post why you want it and hashtag #moredataSAN.

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