Will Twitter’s Rebranding Affect My SEO?

Those that have automatic updates turned on for their mobile devices may have noticed something unusual occur over the weekend. It’s been a planned move for a short time, but Twitter’s rebranding cycle is officially complete – what was once known as the “bird app” has been replaced by the letter X. Amongst casual users, the rebranding move has proven to be controversial. However, there’s a more important question that needs to be answered – how will Twitter’s rebranding to X affect SEO strategies for the platform? We’ll go into more detail about the move below!

Will It Change How Twitter Functions?

Just because a corporation is undergoing a branding change doesn’t mean that the application itself is being rewritten. The case is very similar to the newly minted “X” application. There are a few minor changes – most of which have already been rolled out – but most of them won’t affect your business’s ability to post as you were in the past. Here are the biggest functionality changes to take note of:

  • Character Count Change: This is an older change that has been in effect for a while now, but it’s important to note regardless. While Twitter’s old character limit was 140 characters, this amount has since doubled to 280 characters per Tweet (yes, they are still called tweets for now). You shouldn’t have to cram your message into a tight window now – you’ll have more leeway to get detailed with your advertising.
  • Video Uploading Limits: Users on Twitter can now upload videos that are several hours long. We’re willing to bet that your business won’t need to upload full movies, but you can utilize this to create long-form videos about completed projects or eye-catching deals.

The Question of Domain Name

It’s been hinted at for a while now that once the rebranding process is completed, the old “twitter.com” URL will redirect itself to X.com. While this doesn’t sound like a huge deal on the surface, there are some problems that could potentially arise from the move. Does your website use embedded tweets? You may want to take note of which pages utilize them – once the URL moves officially, there’s a legitimate concern that embedded tweets will break. Broken hyperlinks like these can negatively impact the user experience, so keep an eye on Twitter’s redirecting process! If you have access to a website auditing tool, this should be easy to identify and correct. They’ll give you a full list of affected URLs, which you can sweep through and correct with ease! The earlier you know which pages could be affected, the more likely it is that the move won’t make a serious impact.

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