Will there be a Panda Update this Holiday Season?

In recent years there has not been a Panda Update during the holiday season; in fact since December 2011, there has yet to be a Panda Update during the holiday season. It seems that Google is in the holiday spirit after all!

Many SEO webmasters were under the impression that Google was going to break their holiday vacation this year, and launch a Panda Update, considering there seemed to be a new update every week in recent months leading up to November.

However, there hasn’t been a significant Panda Update since around October 24, 2014. As you probably already know, this update was pretty significant, effecting quite a bit of websites around the country.

There may not be a Panda Update during the month of December, but Penguin threw its weight around earlier this month; although there hasn’t been a significant Penguin Update since December 6.

As of right now, we seem to be in the clear; there most likely will not be a Panda Update until the New Year. That being said, expect a huge update within the first few weeks of January 2015; if your content is weak, duplicated, or unoriginal, fix it now before the New Year!

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