Will Snapchat’s Snap Map Expand Their Ad Business?

Snapchat has recently added a new feature to its ever popular app. This new feature allows users to view stories based on location and can be seen in a state, country, or across the globe. This incredible feature is a great way to share experiences and stay up to date on what is going around the world.

The Snap Map allows users of the app to view places where people are posting a lot of stories as well as location based events such as concerts and games. Individual users can share their location on the maps so people can see where their friends are if they want to meet up. There is an option to turn this function off, by using the “Ghost Mode” on Snap Map. If you are in the area of a Snap Map story, you can add to that story by taking a snap and sending it to “Our Story”.

As of now, the company is not going to be running ads alongside stories that are viewed within Snap Map. However, it does not mean that they won’t in the future. This is because the Snap Map feature will open up new ways for Snap Chat and marketers to target their audiences better. One way the story sharing company can run ads is by running location-targeted ads. Say if you are a tourist visiting Boston or just browsing the Boston Snap Map Story, users could see ads from brands looking to reach people in Boston.

Snapchat’s parent company, Snap, stated that this new feature is to “see what’s happening, find your friends, and get inspired to go on an adventure!” With this in mind, marketers can have better positioned ads to get people to go to brand-related location. If people are in Boston looking for something to do, a retail chain or restaurant can position their ads to show around the location of interest. Those looking for something to do can view the story on Snap Map, see the location based ad and be intrigued to go to that store or restaurant.

Advertisers could also use the story layout within Snap Map to attracted their target audience. Advertisers can pay Snapchat for promoted Stories to get users to go to a certain location. This is perfect for events, concerts, celebrities meet and greets and so much more.

This new feature has a lot of opportunities for Snapchat to expand its ad business and help brands expand their awareness. At the moment ads are currently not part of Snap Maps. With the endless opportunities to show ads with this new feature, be on the look out for Snapchat to start rolling out different ad placements for marketers.

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