Will Purchasing an SSL Certificate Improve Search Results?

In the beginning of-August 2014, Google made an announcement regarding a change to its algorithm that would promote safer web browsing for all.

In this message, Google revealed their plans to reward websites that are SSL certified with a boost in page ranking.

“Boost in page ranking you say?! I live for boosts in page rankings! Where do I purchase these magical certificates?!”

Hold on. Not so fast.

In their statement, Google followed that, while those with SSL certification on their websites will have an edge on other websites, this newly established advantage will be small and that following proper “white hat” search engine optimization practices, such as effective keywording in page titles and meta descriptions, will still have more of a determining factor (as well as avoiding black hat SEO tricks that will get you in trouble.

But, while Google has said that only 1% of all search queries are currently being influenced by this update, it may elect to give websites with HTTPS more of a priority in the future.

So will purchasing an SSL certificate give your website a significant push towards the top of Google’s search engine results page?

Not really…but it might. Google can be one unpredictable beast when it wants to be.

However, don’t let this dissuade you from investing in the overall security of all those who visit your website. Depending on what your website offers to users in terms of content and features, having an SSL certificate on your site shows them from the get-go that their security is one of your top priorities. Having such a concern for your customers being communicated directly to them by having a secure connection present will, most likely, influence them to frequent your web pages more often.

So don’t let this update be the only reason you opt to purchase an SSL certificate.

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