Will other Search Engines follow Googles Mobile Friendly Ranking Algorithm?

Last month on April 21st, Google rolled out their mobile friendly algorithm. They are the first major search engine to include mobile friendliness in their mobile search ranking factors. Bing has just announced that they will be releasing their own version of the mobile ranking factors. Unlike Google who set a specific date for launch, Bing has not specified when this will be rolled out. Perhaps they want to take a slower approach to the situation in order to get good feedback by webmasters along the algorithm development process.

Boston Web Marketing Mobile FriendlyWe saw last month that Bing was implementing a mobile friendly label in search results similar to what Google has. It is safe to assume if your website is labeled as mobile friendly in searches that you will benefit and not be hurt by the update. To the right you can see how the mobile friendly tag looks on phones.

Bing has said that relevancy will always out way whether a site is mobile friendly. They are trying to find the perfect balance between these two factors. A highly relevant site that is not mobile friendly will likely still rank higher than mobile friendly sites.

Moving forward, we must continue to be aware of any information that Bing releases that may pertain to your SEO strategy. As Bing follows Google with the mobile ranking algorithm train, it is clear our world is becoming mobile friendly and our major search engines are taking that into consideration. For more information about how to ensure that your website is tagged mobile friendly in the eyes of search engines, feel free to give us a call at (857)526-0096.

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