Will a Press Release Benefit My SEO?

Many internet marketers don’t consider the tremendous benefits they’ll receive when implementing press releases. Not only does this promote brand awareness, but press releases can influence search engine optimization (SEO) as well. Listed below are the top five ways that press releases can impact SEO.

1. Get Your Brand in Front of the Media

Press releases for major brands often get picked up by the media which will help you get your message out there. Not only does this generate publicity but you’ll also see increased traffic to the site.

2. No Skewed Information

One of the major perks of writing a press release is that you have control over the message your brand is sending. You could even hire a PR Copywriter who won’t publish content until you are 100% satisfied.

3. Get Publicity at a Faster Rate

There are plenty of resources to get your press release in front of a large audience. When using Press Release Jet’s Premium Package, you can submit your press release to over 375 media sites.

4. Implement Keywords

If you implement the correct keywords, you can start getting found organically. It’s always beneficial to incorporate longtail, high-volume keywords into your content when posting on the web.

5. Gain Natural Links

Building quality inbound links can be quite challenging and making your content go viral is just as difficult. There are plenty of news sites seeking out new, high-quality content. Google typically favors these news sites so being able to get a link from them is going to help with your linkbuilding strategy.



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