Why Your Instagram Business Profile Isn’t Getting More Traffic in 2020

Social media is vital to a business. Social media allows businesses to develop fan bases of repeat customers, get reviews, share important information, and encourage repeat purchases. Depending on the business, there are a variety of platforms that should be used. Generally, it is recommended that most consumer-based businesses at least have a Facebook account, but many businesses invest their social media strategy into programs like Instagram. Instagram provides many unique benefits including a younger consumer base than other platforms. For companies that want to specifically want to target young adults, Instagram is very effective. However, many companies struggle to grow their follower base, and it might not be just because of their own efforts.

Instagram’s Growth Problem

In 2018 Instagram reported a 10.1% growth in users. In 2019, the growth came down to 6.7%. And so far, the predicted growth estimate for 2020 has already dropped from 5.4% to 4.1%. It is clear to anyone, that Instagram has a problem. First, older age groups have not adapted quickly to Instagram. Facebook, started off with a strong college and high school userbase. And in only a few years, parents and older generations quickly adopted the technology. Nowadays Facebook has the reverse problem of younger users refusing to sign up because it is no longer the most popular platform for their generation. Conversely, Instagram is seeing lower userbase growth because the older generations have not switched over. Instagram also has greater competition as the social platform industry increases. Competitors like TikTok and Snapchat continue to pull more users away from Instagram.

How To Organically Grow Instagram Following

Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms will always suggest paying for ads to grow your following. (Why wouldn’t they, it directly affects their bottom line). But before looking at the efficacy of ads, let’s look at organic ideas for your Instagram account.

  • Less is More: Both Facebook and Instagram have algorithms that do not benefit businesses that over or under share. When a user sees their stream of posts, the algorithm prioritizes posts from accounts that the user already engaged with. So, overposting and reposting the same content causes decreased engagement which causes decreased organic reach. Simultaneously not posting at all also to decreases reach. The sweet spot for a business is to not flood your account with posts but to post only when you have something valuable to show off.
  • Engaging Contact: Piggybacking off the last point, it is vital that your social media is engaging. Instead of 30 posts in 30 days filled with boring or simplistic content, try 10 posts that are creative, interesting, and push users to engage. Design posts that ask for comments or encourage users to use special hashtags. Above all, use content that is meaningful and not generic. Pictures of your own staff, your own products, and your own specials will garner more likes than stock photos.
  • Try a Sweepstakes: Users love a fun sweepstakes opportunity. Offer a gift card or a special deal for users who share your posts, tag friends, or use your hashtag. Keeping a monthly or quarterly trend will keep more people on their way to your office.

Paid Instagram Growth

The quickest way to get growth on Instagram is through ads. By fine-tuning an ad budget you can quickly gain new followers on your Instagram account. Not every business will want to use Instagram ads. But, if your business relies on Instagram and other social platforms to engage with customers and get repeat customers, using an ad campaign to increase your follower count is recommended. This is especially true when you need to gain followers quickly. For more information on paid social media, take a look at this blog.

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