Why You Shouldn’t Buy Followers on Social Media

What’s more important: 100K followers or 100 who will actually engage with your content?
Who doesn’t want to boost the number of followers they have on social media?
Having a social media presence can be tiresome and discouraging when you’re starting from scratch, been on social media for a while and you’ve plateaued, or if comparing the numbers to competitors.
It can be tempting to give in and buy followers, but along with things you should not do on social media, buying fake followers is not a good idea for several reasons.
It jeopardizes organic reach: When you buy followers, you aren’t getting people who are genuinely interested in engaging with and sharing your content.
You can become spam: Bought followers invites your brand to become a platform for spam, where these accounts can target your genuine customers and target them with their own spam content.  If your brand becomes known for spamming followers with irrelevant content, they will in turn stop following you.
You lose your credibility: Buying followers loses your credibility as a brand who has a genuine following.  If you go from 300 followers to 3,000 in a matter of a few days, users can be suspicious and your integrity declines.
While having a large following on social media looks good, there are other metrics that matter more than just the number of followers you have.  Three other metrics you should look at outside of follower count includes:

  • How many users engage with your content on a regular basis
  • How much traffic your website is getting from your social efforts
  • How many leads/sales your social media presence is driving



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