Why You Should Verify Your Website on Pinterest

Pinterest recently released a new update that allows you to verify your business website on your Pinterest page. The benefit of linking the two together comes in the form of new Web Analytics. These analytics help website owners see how Pinterest is affecting their site by showing what content is being pinned from their website.  You will also then be able to see how popular those pins are in the Pinterest community, and how its users are interacting with those pins. You can see what types of “boards” your content is being pinned to and how popular those boards are, which gives insight into how users comprehend and interpret your content.

The analytics dashboard is very easy to use and Google analytics users will feel right at home.

To access Pinterest’s new Web analytics, simply verify your website, switch to the “new look”, and click on “Analytics” in

the top right menu. According to Pinterest, the new look is currently available only for verified website owners or business users. The new look has a few aesthetic updates, but no major overhauls on the content.

Get your website verified now, and start tracking how Pinterest is affecting your business!

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