Why You Should Use Surveys for Content Marketing

Every website is different & has its own way of reaching out to its targeted audience.  Surveys are a useful tool for content marketing that could boost SEO & increase traffic to your website! You first have to think to yourself, what exactly is content marketing? If you think it is posting blogs every day about what your company is doing or planning, then you’re wrong.

Content marketing

Your audience on your website is looking for content that interests them. For example, you are looking for a lawn mower, you go on a website & you see a lot of blogs about what the company plans on doing in the next 5 years. You visit another website, it has blogs & content about the power of their lawnmowers & consistently about how well it cuts grass. Of course, you would choose the one that is more specific to what you want to buy. That is what you must do with your websites, post content that is appealing to the visitors, give them what they came to your site.

Why a survey?

A survey is a direct line between you & the visitors on your website. It is hard to get a direction of what your audience wants to see on your site without a line of communication. A survey, if done correctly will give you an insight into more of the content your audience wants.

How can a survey improve SEO?

A survey can lead to an increase in traffic to your website. This means you would have the opportunity to have all of your analytics  (high conversion rate, quality content, time spent per page ext.) will boost your SEO! A survey can be mixed with other things that will boost your SEO such as a call to action like a phone number or a contact form at the beginning or end of your survey.

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