Why You Should Use Structured Data for Your Branding

Are you looking for extra steps you can take to boost your search result ranking? Adding structured data to your website can help! Structured data can improve your site’s crawling by making your content easier for bots to read and process and help boost your posts on social media platforms. There are several branding opportunities you may be missing out on without installing schema markup on your website.

Benefits of Structured Data

Does your business have a few aliases or multiple phone numbers? Adding information in your markup can make you appear for these searches. Without the data, search engines may not be able to process different spellings and extra phone numbers for your business, making you miss out on valuable business. Structured data highlights information that can appear in the knowledge graph in search results, leading to an uptick in engagement. This can also be applied to a photo gallery to populate in image results. Structured data provides more information to bots in order to process them and crawl for relevant search terms. For more precise mobile results, a specific tag for mobile applications and devices can be applied to landing pages.

How Can I Add Structured Data?

To add structured data to your website, enter the relevant information into a pre-built layout on schema.org. You will need to make sure you have each name, phone number and address available to enter into the code. After each piece is entered, copy the provided code and paste it into the <body> tag of the desired page. If you are adding structured data to a service area or an instructional page, you will be able to add stars to denote a review or rating from a satisfied customer.

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