Why You Should Use Infographics in Your Marketing Strategy

Over the last decade, infographics have been an increasing trend. From 2010 to 2012, infographic search volumes have increased by 800%. Many marketers believe that infographics do not show the same purpose as it once did. However, they’ve had a change of purpose. The problem with infographics a few years ago is that they were being used with a format-first approach. Marketers would publish infographics without much thought to the story and the data behind it. Things have changed since then and we’ve provided 5 benefits of using infographics and why you should be implementing this in your strategy.

1. Visual has better engagement than text.

It comes as no surprise that our brains process information faster than text. According to Search Engine Journal, we process visuals 60,000 times faster, so it makes sense why a well-designed infographic (when used correctly) can have a high engagement

2. Infographics are a great way to tell visual stories.

One of the reasons why infographics received a bad name for themselves was because marketers were misusing them for engagement. Data has a reputation of “being boring,” but when it’s presented visually with a story, it can come to life to help us better understand the content.

Source: NeoMam

3. Infographics are shareable.

As well as linkable, infographics are easy to share. Whether it’s through blog posts or social, it’s an excellent way to share reliable information with others. In fact, 80 percent of marketers that use visual assets have seen 18 percent more retweets than tweets without images. A great tip is to break down your infographic into social-sized cards that are easily shared through social. This is key to drive further engagement from the content.

4. Infographics can help increase sales.

Infographics make a great sales tool. Think about how you could transition text and data into an infographic in a way to help better understand your target buyers. Remember, the human brain consumes more visual than text so scrap the overly explained text and convert to a well-designed infographic.

5. Promoting infographics has decreased.

Infographics aren’t dead, they’ve been merely misunderstood and misused for many years. However, they still remain a great format to bring fantastic benefits as part of a broader content marketing strategy.

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