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Why You Should Use Header Tags in Your Content

When reading a blog entry or service page, you may notice certain sentences that have been separated from the rest of the text. These are called header tags, which separate relevant segments of your content to make it easier to read and easier to search engines to scan. Header tags have many benefits when included in your online content.

Make Your Text Easier to Read

Most users who visit your site will not read your entire blog entry word for word in their search for an answer to their initial question. Header tags help make your content easy to scan so the reader can tell right away if you have what they are looking for. If your work answers their question, they may be more likely to read the rest of the article and even look around your site, decreasing your bounce rate.

Provides a Place for Scannable Keywords

Your keywords are vital to your content being found. Header tags are something that bots crawling the internet look at when populating search results. Using relevant keywords to write concise header tags will make sure search engines know what your piece is about. It is important that your header tags make sense and do not have keywords stuffed in just to help you get found. This will not help the user read through your content. Make sure your content is easy to read before choosing header tags that make sense and advance the article.

Adding Structure to Your Blog

Header tags can help you as you structure the article, providing a general sense of what each paragraph will be about. When outlining your blog, you may come up with certain key points you want your content to focus on, with several subpoints for each. Each main point can serve as your header tags for each paragraph, in descending order. You should only have one H1 tag, generally for the title of the page. H2 tags can be used for your tags throughout the article, as your main subheading. H3 tags can be used if you require subsections to get your point across within your H2 tags.

Helping Answer Questions for Features

Have you ever searched for something and have a specific section of an article pop up before search results? These are called featured snippets, and your header tags can help your piece show up for specific keywords and phrases. If your header tags contain questions or long-tail keywords, your blog may be selected by the algorithm to appear as a featured snippet for that question.

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