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Why You Should Have an Instagram Business Profile

With over 1 million active advertisers, Instagram is a great social media platform to gain new followers and leads by having an active business profile and unitizing “Sponsored” ads.  The 600 million users are better able to look up and contact business who have active business profiles and marketers are better able to reach wider audiences.

If want to gain more of a following and increase your awareness on Instagram, hop on the bandwagon and create business profile to reach a wider audience using Instagram’s sponsored ads.

Here are a few reasons why if you haven’t yet, you should transition from your organic Instagram profile to a business profile:

Easy to Connect

Instagram thrives off users enjoying the fun of sharing pictures and videos.  By following a consistent posting schedule, users have something to look forward to if you’re posting content that will engage your followers and attract new ones.  Sponsored Ads are also a good way to build more of a following by appearing in more newsfeeds rather than limiting your posts to just the newsfeeds of your followers.  You can turn one of your organic posts into an ad directly on the Instagram app.

Easy to Visualize

Instagram users have visuals of what products they want to purchase or services they want to use based off an aesthetically pleasing profile.  Instagram is all visual, so by providing posts of your products or services that will create an engaging response, you will be able to provide a better visual experience for users.

Easy to Contact

With Instagram, users can connect with a brand by using the “Contact,” which allows them to visit your website, contact your business, or find where you’re located.  To do so, you transition your organic account into a business profile, which is no extra cost.  Converting your organic Instagram profile into a business profile not only makes you look more official, but it also makes you more credible.

Easy to Track

By using Instagram advertising, marketers can track their analytics but knowing the number of impressions on their posts and see the breakdown of photos and videos that received the most impressions.

Instagram business profiles can also view their audience by utilizing the insights tool that shows a brand’s follower base according to their age, location and gender based off the user’s profile.

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