Why You Should Have a Contact Form on Your Website

When you visit the typical “Contact Us” page on any business website, you will typically see their business phone number or email address listed with a clickable link for visitors to contact them quickly and efficiently. Another form of contact available for website visitors is the online contact form. Many businesses are utilizing this as an option on their websites, for good reason! Read along to learn more about contact forms and why your website should add one if you do not already have one. 

What is a Contact Form?

A contact form is a simple way for website visitors and potential customers or clientele to contact you. Although contact forms differ across website platforms, their purpose remains the same. Depending on the information you need from customers, you can customize your contact form content and information accordingly: name, phone number, email, message, etcetera. 

website contact form with boxes for name, email, phone number, contact preference, and message

Reasons Why You Should Add a Contact Form to Your Website

There are many benefits for both your business and website users to add a contact form to your website. 

Easy for Users

Contact forms are a simple way for website users to contact you and give you their necessary information. With today’s technology, many browsers can auto-generate their saved information into these contact forms, making it even easier for them to fill it out. Today, many consumers prefer to contact businesses through an online platform instead of calling directly, and contact forms make this an easy and efficient way to do so. It can also be more accessible than sending an email, as some users may not be interested in waiting for an email response, and your emails may get lost in a spam folder. 

Spam Prevention

Most contact forms will offer the option of reCaptcha, designed to prevent spam messages from coming in. Spam bots and messages can easily get through to your regular email address listed on the website, but contact forms provide more security to stop this from happening. 

Get More Leads

According to HubSpot,  50% of marketers agree that website contact forms are their highest converting lead generation tool. Having more ways for website visitors to contact you can only benefit you! By offering different means of communication, there is more of a chance they will reach out the way they are most comfortable with, which could be via a contact form!

Gaining Customer Insights

As mentioned in the introduction, contact forms are entirely customizable to your needs. You can ask for the information you require for new customers and inquiries, such as demographic information and more information about the services they are interested in. You can even ask for documentation if necessary. 

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Contact forms are an incredible resource for your website, which can help you garner more leads and information about potential customers. To learn more about best contact form practices, work with website and SEO experts like our team at Boston Web Marketing! To learn more, give us a call today or fill out our online contact form

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