Why You Should Create A PR and SEO Strategy Together

Digital public relations, separate from traditional public relations (news, print, etc.) and search engine optimization (SEO), are two great digital marketing tools that work wonders when used together. While yes, digital PR holds to the values of traditional methods, however, allows for a more extensive reach through online methods. On the other hand, SEO is the process of improving your site’s website traffic in terms of both quality and quantity, from search engines. When these two processes are combined, you are allowing your message to gain and receive attention and drive traffic to your website, increasing your traffic and conversion rate. If you want to combine a PR and SEO strategy, our team of digital marketing experts here at Boston Web Marketing has compiled a list of these fantastic benefits.

Top 4 Reasons PR and SEO Work Together:

Higher Quality of Link Building

Digital Public Relations is all about featuring stories, articles, and releases that are (mostly) unpaid, organic, and unsolicited. Whether paid or unpaid, these pieces of coverage should be optimized with an SEO strategy to gain the maximum coverage for both the content and the website. This includes adding high-value links and keywords and ensuring the links are put to the correct destination.

Proper Aligning Of Coverage and Stories

As a business, company, corporation, etc., you are bound to have multiple stories, news breaks, funding announcements, etc. When you combine PR and SEO, two leading teams that produce content, you allow them to align correctly on the messaging, keywords, and branding, ensuring your message is consistent and effective over the internet. You can avoid mixing messaging and discrediting the news and content with both services.

Broader Audience

Both digital PR and SEO focus on outreach to prospective audiences, whether it’s new clientele, media, or influencers. By combining the two strategies, you can capitalize further on social media efforts, influencer outreach, blog content, etc., that are sure to reach your target audience—helping your company receive more mentions, links, and reach than ever before.

Improved Keywords & Trust

When forming a PR campaign, you want improved keyword associations. That way, when your brand, product, or company is mentioned online, search engines will associate your company (which should be linked) with keywords found in the article, assisting in improved Google rankings when you are mentioned online, such as in an online magazine. When shown higher on search engine result pages, you show customers and viewers that you are trustworthy and reputable.

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If you want to improve your business’s search appearance with curated blogs, content writing, and social media optimization, look no further than Boston Web Marketing. Here at BWM, our PR services include but are not limited to crafting news releases, being your liaison with the press, and setting up interviews with your company’s employees. Also, our expert SEO team provides search engine optimization services to various industries. Call us today at 857-526-0096 or fill out our contact form for more information. We look forward to working with you to increase your SEO soon!

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