Why You Should Consider Amazon for Your PPC Efforts

If you own an e-commerce store, or sell products online across various platforms, then you likely use the typical PPC channels for driving traffic to your store such as Google, Bing, maybe even Facebook. However, there is a new king in paid traffic when it comes to e-commerce products, and it boasts some considerable advantages that make it something worth looking into when it comes to driving traffic towards your goods. You may have heard of it: it’s a little online store called Amazon.

While Amazon has always been a powerhouse in internet retail, last really solidified its dominance as a destination for online shoppers. In 2017, for example, 54% of product searches went through Google, and 46% through Amazon. Last year, however, those digits flipped. And several major marketing agencies reported that they are shifting an increasing percentage of their e-commerce client’s budgets over to Amazon. But what is it about Amazon that makes it so appealing?

It’s An Enclosed Platform

Much of Amazon’s Success lies in the fact that it is a closed platform that is typically only visited by people looking to buy, and will simply type in their query to find what they want. This makes it easy to target people based on their keywords, much like Google. However, because it is an enclosed platform, marketers can easily attribute campaigns to sales, giving them a much better gauge at what is working and what isn’t. Beyond that, almost every buyer on Amazon has an account, which provides detailed information on consumer’s browsing habits, search history, and more, enabling you to have the freedom to target shopping behavior’s as well.  All in all, it creates a comprehensive picture that allows you to learn about the customers themselves as well as what they want, then drive them to your product where they can make a purchase, all within a single platform. The result is on average higher conversions for your dollar in comparison to paid traffic driven from external sources. Throw in the fact that email marketing is taken care of by Amazon, and product page creation and optimization is a lot easier than traditional SEO, and you have a compelling number of reasons to join the platform.

Diversity of Ads

It used to be that your choice for advertising on Amazon was limited to sponsored listings and basic text ads. No longer, as display ads are starting to take off and rise in popularity, taking advantage of the more absolute certainty that consumers are there to buy, whereas with Google’s display network there is more risk and prospectiveness to it. In addition to that, Amazon recently made an announcement to introduce video ads that will be displayed to app users. With video being proven to have a much higher engagement rate than other forms of media across the board, this will spell big bucks to those willing to invest. This comprehensive array of advertising options ensures that there is something for any product seller.

International Expansion

Amazon is starting to solidify its advertising domination beyond the US, making more of its advertising options available in increasingly more territories such as Canada and much of Europe. Recently, it has announced it’s expansion into Australia, just 2 years after Amazon initially made it’s services available there. All of this point to an increasing ability to create a global outreach across numerous countries beyond the US, making it appealing for any e-commerce company vying for expansion. While Google and Facebook remain far stronger and developed internationally, eventually the increased availability of Amazon’s platform’s benefits will make it a compelling competitor against others.

With all of these compelling arguments, however, it’s important to note some of Amazon’s drawbacks. For one, while it may be the 3rd largest digital ad vendor, it only accounts for 4.1% of domestic digital ad spending, which pales in comparison to Google and Facebook’s combined share of 57.7%. This is the price that usually comes with being a closed platform, which is that the influence and outreach you have is limited to the platform’s size itself. In addition to that, all of this only applies if you sell products on Amazon, and while many manufacturers and e-commerce gurus do that, it may not apply to you and your situation. Whether it is worth joining Amazon to take advantage of these benefits is another topic entirely.

Regardless of either one you choose, it’s important to realize that paid search is vital to success in the world of e-commerce. With such a large amount of competitors on the market, a solid marketing campaign is key to getting consumers to notice your brand. If you feel like you could use some professional help on creating/managing this campaign, the experts over at Boston Web Marketing can help take care of this for you. We have a team of PPC experts that know how to manage a wide variety of channels, ranging from Google to Facebook to Bing, and several more. Contact us at 857-526-0096, or fill out an online inquiry, to learn more about the services we offer.

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