Why You Should Be Tracking Conversions

When owning a business, your ultimate end goal is to make a sale. However, it is not very often that a customer will land on your site and immediately make a purchase. There are typically a few steps in the purchase cycle that lead to the end purchase. Tracking your conversions doesn’t necessarily indicate a sale, but they are an essential part of your marketing funnel. Conversions can often lead to sales, and tracking them properly can help assure that you are on the right track with your customers.

What Is A Conversion?

First, it is important to understand what exactly a conversion is. A conversion is some sort of action taken on your site by a user. This can include clicking to call, filling out a contact form, clicking to email, signing up for a newsletter, etc. These conversions will differ depending on what your specific goals are.

Why Is Tracking Conversions Important?

Marketing Funnel

Tracking your conversions can help determine if your marketing funnel is working properly. Since it is not likely that customers will make a purchase directly after landing on your site, this gives them another course of action to take that pushes them closer to the sale. For example, if they subscribe to your weekly newsletter, this gives you an opportunity to reach out to them in the future and help convert that lead into a sale. This is essentially moving them further down the marketing funnel.

Determine Quality Leads

Conversions can also help differentiate visitors who have a genuine interest in your product or service. When a visitor to your site willingly fills out a contact form or clicks to call, this automatically turns them into a quality lead for you. It saves you the time from reaching out to customers that may have zero interest in your product, and you can focus your energy on those who may actually convert to a sale.

Finding Problems With Your Site

Another advantage of conversion tracking is it allows you to find issues with your marketing funnel. You can see the path that visitors took to get to the conversion to determine which areas of your site are successful, and where you could use improvement.

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