Why You Should be Scheduling Your Blog & Social Media Posts

If you are a business owner, you’re always busy, your time is very valuable, and posting consistently to your blog and social media platforms isn’t always feasible. Posting multiple times per week and being active on social media each day is hard work. By setting aside one day per week or one day per month, you can plan and schedule out content for each week without be bogged down each day when you’re trying to get other things done for your business that you might enjoy more. Sure, posting each day, live and in the moment might seem easier, but by doing it all at once, you and your business will reap the benefits.

Decreases Stress

Scheduling blog posts and social media out in advance helps relieve an added stressor to your already hectic day. Think about the days you sleep through your alarm, wake up sick, a family emergency comes up – those are the days you will be glad you scheduled your blog posts out in advance.
For social media, it is important to schedule out a handful of posts in advance, especially promoting your new blog posts and content on your website. If you’re someone who likes to tweet live and in the moment to share what your business is up to at that exact moment, this doesn’t mean you can’t do that! The scheduled tweets will allow you not to worry about promoting old content or content you already have scheduled on your website.

Improves Consistency

Posting consistency to your website and social media is a Google ranking factor and increase your rankings on search result pages. In addition to rankings, when you post consistently, your readers will know when to expect new content from you. If you post Monday through Thursday at 9 AM every day, your readers will know when to expect content from you so if you post later than that, they might get confused and upset you’re not sharing anything new! This could result in a loss of loyal readers if your posting is all over the place. If you don’t want to aim for a specific time, post consistently during the same chunk of time each day, say mornings for example.

Higher Quality Content

By having posts scheduled in advance, you have more time to brainstorm new items and planning out new content. When you’re pressed for time or stressed about just getting something up on your website and social media, you’re able to dive in and really focus on the content that matters. These ideas can also help you on the days when you sit down to write and no ideas come to mind. When ideas are carefully thought out you can develop your ideas to their maximum potential. Readers can always tell if you put time and effort into the content you have written or not.

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