Why You Should Be Pinning Your Top Content on Twitter

Often overlooked, Pinned Tweets is one of the best tools to utilize to promote your best content on Twitter and should be integrated into your Twitter marketing strategy.  If you’re not pinning your Tweets, you’re missing out on opportunities for branding, user engagement, lead generation, and more.
Whenever some visits your profile, the first few things they will see include your profile picture (avatar), your cover photo, and the first piece of content on your profile.  Then they’ll continue scrolling through your profile, if it showcases engaging, interesting content.
How to pin a tweet

You might overlook this feature, but don’t overthink it.  Pinning a tweet is a super simple, four-step process that includes:

  1. Selecting the tweet you want to pin
  2. Clicking the carrot found on the top right side of the tweet
  3. Clicking “Pin to your profile page”
  4. Refreshing your profile to see if the pin appears at the top

What to pin

Pinning your content is a simple way to maximize the visibility of a particular post, as well as create trust with established and new followers.  But what of content should you pin to the top of your profile?  Some ideas for content that should be pinned include:

  • Top performing Tweets
  • Visual content such as photos, gifs, or videos
  • Link to latest blog post featured on your website
  • Current promotions or upcoming events
  • Old content that can be revived

Why you should pin your Twitter content

Even with having an eye-capturing profile picture and cover photo, having a pinned Tweet is the best way to hook in users and potentially drive more traffic to your website.  This allows you to put your best content at the forefront of your Twitter profile and gives users easy access to content you want them to engage with the most.

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