Why You Should Be Active on Twitter

Many individuals and businesses are active on Facebook but often ignore the benefits of utilizing Twitter. It’s simple to connect with friends and family on Facebook or hop onto LinkedIn and send out a quick post. However, if you want to connect with a thought leader or a VP at a company, Twitter is your best bet.

Thought leaders and influencers know when followers are tweeting and listening so it’s easier to connect with the audience. In fact. Twitter has tested out something called, “While You Were Away.” It’s essentially a chronological timeline that shows the user relevant tweets they’ve missed while they were inactive on the platform.

Another new item recently added to Twitter is the button at the top left of a person with a plus sign; you’ll see this when browsing on your phone at home. This feature is an algorithm which looks at your friends, who they are following, who is in your area and what is popular near you.

Creating a Twitter Presence

Besides the recent updates above, we’ve composed a series of helpful tips to enhance your Twitter profile.

  • Visualization is key – incorporate photos.
  • Pay attention to Twitter Analytics.
  • Listen to what followers are saying before you post.
  • Create a bio.

As you can see, Twitter has become an increasingly popular platform among business owners.


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