Why You Should Add Alt-Text on Your Instagram

Instagram just recently introduced the ability to add alternative text, or alt-text, on their photos. Alt-text is text that can be read by a screen reader for people who are visually impaired. Why care about this as a business? This is necessary because now search engines, like Google, are going to be able to understand what the images that you are posting are.

Why You Should Add Alt-text

While most people tend to want their Instagram captions to be engaging for their audience, alt-text focuses on a shorter character count which will focus on the image itself and the features/benefits of what is shown. Adding alt-text on your image will provide SEO value to your posts and account which will draw more people to your business and get to your website.

You can add your own custom alt-text to ensure the information that is provided is correct, or Instagram will provide alt-text automatically onto each post. Alt-text is given a 125 character limit. If you go over the character limit, your post may also be seen as “stuffing” which will hurt your rankings.

How to Write Alt-text

On the Instagram application, you have many options before you share your post. You can edit the photo, tag other accounts, tag the location, and now let readers who are visually impaired know what the image is. Adding alt-text is simple when you follow these steps:

Step 1: When you are on the “New Post” screen underneath where you can tag people, add the location, or share to other accounts, you will see “Advanced Settings” and click on that.

Step 2: Under “Advanced Settings” under accessibility you will see a button where it says “Write Alt Text.”

Step 3: When you are done writing your alt text on the image, click “Done” on the top right-hand corner of the screen and then tap on the back button which looks like “<” and it will bring you back to the new post screen.

By adding this feature, it is bringing your SEO strategy and your social media strategy together which can help create more branding. If you take advantage of the opportunity, it can even help your website rank higher. If you have questions about social media optimization for your business or how to create a strategy for SEO, contact us at Boston Web Marketing! We offer free SEO consultations for business to help them understand areas they can improve on. You can contact us or call us at 857-526-0096.

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