Why You Shoud’ve Been Tweeting During Last Night’s Oscars

Twitter probably the best place to be when it comes to getting live updates while watching popular culture events like last night’s Oscars awards ceremony.  With Twitter’s Moment button, users can receive live updates and find content with the use of hashtags.

Along with the fun of using Twitter by live updating, it’s also a great way for businesses to increase user engagement.

When creating content for social media, it’s not only important to stay relevant to your company’s brand, but it’s also important to create content that will attract users to your social media profiles and potentially your website.

Events such as the Oscars, Grammy’s, Tony’s, Billboard’s and other award ceremonies are always trending topics on Twitter because of the build up to the event, and how much value it holds in society.  These events reach users who are actively engaged in the event by the use of hashtags.  By giving your updates as much context as possible, you maximize your potential to reach more users that will like or retweet your updates or engage in the conversation.

The benefit of Live Tweeting is that you can build relationships with your users through the shared experience.  Live Tweeters who get many retweets and mentions from other users might be expressing widely-shared views, or could be well-known on the platform for having a lot of authority on the topic.  They provide a sense of involvement and community, and get more users to tune in to the topic of conversation.

By using the popularity of an event and the linked hashtag, your business has the opportunity to engage with users, reach new clients, and generate leads in demographics outside of your target market.

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