Why You Need to Use Selective Attention For Marketing

When it comes to digital marketing, you want to focus your campaigns on selective attention.

Ever notice how when you’re car shopping, suddenly, that exact model seems to appear everywhere?  Or, let’s say you’re attending a lecture on how to budget your business, but someone in the audience catches your eye.  Or you’ve been eying a new handbag and now Facebook ads featuring new handbags from the same brand seem to keep popping up in your newsfeed. 

You atomically notice things you like.  That’s selective attention.

When you realize that you’re focusing your attention on certain things, it may register to you that the thought is involuntary.  That initial impulse can win people over a lot of the time, and the concept of selective attention is something you need to apply to your marketing strategy.  

So, why is selective attention important in marketing?

What consumers pay attention to matters to marketers. 

If you, a user, scroll past an interesting ad or an upcoming event on Facebook, marketers want to know if you took an interest in the promotion.

For digital marketing, it’s important to find creative ways to capture your target audience with selective attention rather than the casual, quick attention the user won’t remember moments after they saw your ad.

Due to an over-saturated media with everyone clicking, tapping, swiping and scrolling through a number of digital platforms, it can be easy for your new product featured on social media to get lost amongst the other photos and updates your followers are scrolling past, too.

So how do you incorporate selective attention into your marketing strategy and make sure your posts are receiving the attention they deserve?


1. Figure Out What Your Customers Need

A customer is more than likely going to pay attention to a product or service they need.  When you output products or services that anyone can benefit from, you’ll be more inclined to receive their selective attention.


2. Meet Your Customers’ Expectations

If you’re going to credit yourself as the best, you have to give your customers that they expect.  If you want to capture your audience’s selective attention, you have to deliver beyond their expectations.


3. Provide an Incentive

Where there’s a sale, there’s a line of customers!  And when there’s an online sale, customers scramble to checkout before the sale ends or products are out of stock.  Online stores have achieved what they set out to do – they grabbed the selective attention of their desired customers.  Customers notice sales and businesses manage to get the selective attention of their customers.

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