Why Won’t My Website Conversions Track?

Drafting a successful SEO strategy is much more complicated than you might think! There are plenty of moving parts that help to boost your business’s traffic and metrics. However, you still need to be able to measure your progress! Keeping track of things like monthly traffic, most visited pages and demographics will allow you to tailor your content and strategy to match your audience. Conversions are probably the most important thing to keep track of, however, so it’s important to ensure if it’s actually tracking. If you’re finding yourself having issues with this, it may be because of the following problems!

Contact Forms Aren’t Submitting

Have you been noticing a lack of contact form submissions coming into your email inbox – especially when they were pouring in before? There’s likely a good reason for that! Test out your website’s contact form and see what happens after you hit the submit button. Are you properly redirected or do you receive a “thank you” message? It’s likely something to do with your conversion tracking software! If not, it’s an issue with the form itself. Check for hidden reCaptcha fields; these are a likely culprit as to why your audience can’t interact with you.

Errors In Your Syntax

When you experience errors with your conversions not tracking, the problem usually has nothing to do with how your website is performing. Instead, you’ve probably made an error in the code you use to track your conversions. For example, when tracking how many people call your business, you’ll likely be tracking how many people click your phone number’s hyperlink. If you have “;” instead of “:” in your syntax, that’s a good sign that your syntax is wrong! Check your code carefully before you start tracking your conversions, because it may save you a lot of headache.

Errors On Your Website

While it’s far less common for website errors to be the culprit in the case of missing conversions, it’s a possibility that you shouldn’t be quick to rule out! Maybe that same syntax error from earlier is actually within the hyperlink on your website. Maybe the email tracking pulls up an email with a misspelling, preventing users from directly contacting you. If you’ve noticed a dip in your website’s conversions, check here first before you move to other options. Errors on your website can easily be fixed, getting your conversion rates back on track.

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