Why Websites That Aren’t Optimized Rank Higher on Google?

Why Websites That Aren’t Optimized Rank Higher on Google?

Have you ever thought to yourself why some websites rank high on Google when they are not optimized or have backlinks for search engines?

There are a few things to consider and analyze:

Click-Through Rate – The higher the percentage the more appealing your website will look compared to other competition. If your click through rate is higher than competitors, Google will slowly start moving you up on search results.

Age – A huge factor that can cause a website to rank well is their age. Some websites rank higher when they are at least a few years old. The older your website gets, the more traffic you will generate as long as it is maintained.

Backlinks – Non optimized websites can rank well due to having high quality backlinks that points to the correct internal pages. Google looks at web pages that links to your website and analyze text around the link and the content on the page to determine if the link is relevant to your website.

Cross-Linking – Adding in-content links throughout your website and cross-linking your pages will increase ranking.

Content Quality – Google can determine whether a website is too thin or has duplicate content. Google looks through content and compares it to other websites within that space.

Competition – Low competition keywords are not updated by Google as often compared to more competitive keywords.



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