Why Targeting Mobile Users Is Important

When building a new website or updating an existing site it is important to think about what devices your site will be viewed on. After the long process of building a website, you may think that you no longer have to do anymore formatting or building. However, if you have not made your site mobile friendly then odds are your site will not perform as well as you hope it would. Boston Web Marketing is here to give you some advice & information on the importance of making your website mobile friendly.

Stay with the times

It is 2019, most of our world has moved over to the digital aspect. The days of hard copies & word of mouth are basically behind us. If you want your business to succeed then you must stay up to date with the current advertising trends. If you do not know where to begin on the latest trends look for SEO sites such as SearchEngineland.com or sites like ours. If you have SEO reps make sure to ask them questions about the latest trends so your website moves in the direction you want it too.

Check your Reports

When running a business website you should be up to date on how your site is performing. Tools such as Google Analytics, google search console & Google Tag Manager are all great tools that you should install on your website that will give extremely useful information. In these tools, Google will give you the break down of the amount of desktop & mobile users. This will give you a better understanding of where your conversions are coming from & where to optimize for them.

Optimize for mobile

Once a web layout is completed it has to look professional & nice but it also has to be covered with Call to Actions. Call to actions on the site are buttons or links that will help get your website users to convert. Use a mobile display when you make changes to your site to make sure that all of your changes go through to mobile devices. Certain Call to actions are only for the mobile version of your site such as sticky footers. Sticky footers are one of the best forms of calls to actions because it leaves a constant opportunity for the web user to convert the entire time he/she is on the site.  We hope these tips will help you be on your way to making your website more mobile friendly & give you more conversions!

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