Why Switch Your Website to WordPress for SEO?

As an SEO and web marketing company, we choose WordPress for new site builds

Website design and structuring has an affect on SEO results. One of the things we encourage to our clients with outdated websites is to update to a common content management system (CMS) such as WordPress.

Do I need a new Website?

If your website uses flash, has broken links, is created using HTML, or an outdated or custom content management system that you don’t know how to use, it may be time to switch. If you have a mobile site versus a responsive design that is viewable on all device sizes, or if your content structure is confusing or broken, or if you have a splash page for your website with a Flash element, these are site design elements that could be hurting your search results.

Here is some reasons why you should consider switching your old site over to WordPress:

Easy to Use

If you can send an e-mail, you can update a WordPress site. WordPress is extremely user friendly – no coding or web knowledge required. You can hire someone to build the site for you, and then be able to edit the content yourself over time.

Our clients often get their websites built by a web designer and later part ways with that company. When they come to us for SEO work, it is up to our SEO specialists to try and decipher how the site was built so that they are able to work with it. It can be complex and cumbersome. When using a CMS like WordPress, it’s easy to pass the reins to the next company or person who is going to be working with your website. No custom coding language or customized set up that needs to be learned.

Easy to Troubleshoot

There is a lot of documentation on the web about WordPress including the WordPress Codex and vast support forums.


There are so many built in features to WordPress that allow complete and total customization of a site. You can add extensions, or ‘plugins’ to accomplish almost any feature you are looking for on your website, i.e. a restaurant menu, a custom contact form, photo galleries, a shopping catalog, etc. without using flash


WordPress is 100% customizable. Whether you have a designer build you a theme from scratch or if you use a free theme, or purchase a premium theme, WordPress sites give you a more sophisticated look and feel to your website.

Save Money

Because WordPress is so easy to use, it is easier to find someone who is able to build a site in WordPress, or build it yourself if you can. If you have hosting on a server and you own your domain name, installing WordPress is completely free.

Most Importantly, WordPress is Good for SEO

WordPress has built in functionality for SEO, right off the bat. We have found with other site builders such as VistaPrint and Joomla, SEO is harder to integrate and update, and doesn’t allow for easy crawling by bots and search engines. For all new websites that we build for our clients are in WordPress. We download three easy plugins that allow us integrate SEO better site-wide which makes it easier for you to use and easier for the search engine to crawl through all the pages of your site. In addition, WordPress doesn’t use Flash, and it’s easy to find a theme you like that is also responsive. Both are very important to website design when considering SEO.

Generally we find that WordPress makes business owners, search engines, and customers very happy. For more information about designing SEO friendly websites, contact the folks at Boston Web Marketing at (857) 526-0096

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