Why Social Media is an Essential SEO Tool

Social media and Search Engine Optimization are two marketing strategies that have been intertwined from their conception. With both being organically attractive, they are the perfect strategy to use to convince the customer to click. It is important to remember that while social media isn’t the sole factor to focus on during your internet marketing campaign, it can ultimately lead to audience building and more content sharing. Below we will discuss a few of the things social media can help do to boost your SEO strategy.
Social Media is key tool that can be used to help strengthen your brand. It is crucial for the customer to have confidence and trust in you. These things can be created by being continually engaging on social networks. It can help you to build an audience, which can ultimately lead to more branded searches. Branded searches are the quintessential key, because if people are using your company name as a keyword in a query, this gives you more authority in the long-term.
Quality Content
Content is one of the highest rated factors when it comes to SEO and there are a few things to remember when it comes to the content provided on your social media pages. While social media pages do show up in organic results, we also need to note that people also search within social networks, making it like a search engine itself. Because of this, content is your best friend. The more relevant the content is, the better the titles are, etc., the more of a chance of visibility on organic results pages and social media results pages.
Link Potential
Links, alongside content, are a critical part of any SEO strategy and social media can be the perfect platform for linkbuilding, because of its sharing capabilities. If customers love your product or service, and talk about it on a variety of social networks, your influence will increase within the community you are providing to. As your influence increases, you also gain more authority, because people will potentially start looking for your product/service. This is extremely beneficial because it can increase linking to your page, while also pushing your brand awareness.
Although there has been much controversy about social media directly affecting the SERPs, we can see that social media can be a great tool used to complement any SEO Strategy, in that it can create backlinks, help you boost the quality of your content and bump up your brand awareness. Before this happens, however, it is important for you to optimize your accounts on social media to fit your SEO strategy, and after this, engage with customers on a weekly (and maybe even daily) basis.

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