Why Single Page Websites Aren’t Good For SEO

If there is one thing 2020 has taught a lot of business owners; it is vital that you have an online presence. An online presence can help you find new customers, expand your service area, and even allow for digital services like eCommerce, digital consultations, quoting, and more. However, many business owners might not know where to start when it comes to creating their website. In fact many bargain website creation services actually do more harm than good by creating a website that is difficult to optimize for search engines. This includes companies that provide a single-page website. Although these websites may look good, they often are not good for SEO.

Content Restrictions

The first glaring issue with a single page website is the lack of content. Google’s algorithm utilizes all of the content on your website to know what searches to rank your website for. A single-page website is not going to have a lot of content on it. In some cases, it might have so little content that it violates one of Google’s penalties. Thin content and duplicate content can both cause your website to not rank on search engine results pages. That is why it is important to generate a lot of unique well-written content for your website with both service pages and blogs.

No Service Area Keywords

If your business serves a larger area, you will likely want to add service area pages to your website. A service area page is a page that utilizes keywords and h-tag structure to improve ranking in specific areas. Each service area page is designed with unique and helpful content so that it doesn’t violate search engine policies and so that it is useful for the website visitors. Utilizing service area pages can help businesses that deliver, perform remote services, or that have multiple locations.

No Internal Links

Another issue with a single-page website is a lack of internal links. Normal websites have hundreds of links that allow users to navigate through a website. On a single-page website, every link will be external; sending traffic away from your website to another site. Link structure can not only help users find content that is relevant to them, but it can also help search engines crawl through a website and see what content should be ranked.

Lack of Metadata

Metadata including alt text, page titles, and meta descriptions are key to SEO. This data is used when displaying a link to your website on Google or Bing, and it is a large factor in where your website shows up. Every page can have one title and one description. So, if your website is a single page; it has a large limit on the metadata at its disposal.

Convert Your Website with Boston Web Marketing

At Boston Web Marketing we help businesses manage their digital presence. This includes designing new websites and migrating websites to a content management system. If you have a single page website that isn’t ranking well, we can help generate the content you need to better represent your business and bring in more traffic for your website.

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