Why Should Your Business Be Using Social Media?

Although personal use of Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms is a part of everyday life, many businesses do not see the benefit of maintaining an active presence across platforms. Social media, however, is a crucial way to improve your company’s overall search engine optimization and increase your conversion rate. The benefits of using social media are worth the time and small amount of money invested.

Personalize Your Brand

Social media allows a business to craft a brand image based on its own content. This can be useful for public relations purposes – If a negative story is circulating about your business, this is your chance to respond to rumors or to shift the focus. Having a consistent social media presence can also increase your brands level of authority to consumers.

Increase Engagement

The nature of social media is to make connections. This means that your brand will have the opportunity to connect with fellow industry professionals as well as potential customers. Social media makes your brand more accessible to the people you want to reach – Instead of calling, a follower might send you a direct message on Facebook, or tweet at your brand to ask a question. This gives you more opportunities to interact with potential clients, and to build a longer term relationship with current customers.

Increase Site Traffic

In turn with increasing engagement, a quality social media presence could increase your site traffic. Best practice includes using social media to consistently link posts back to relevant pages of your website & to demonstrate products. This increases your site traffic, further connects users to your brand, and is a potential to increase the conversion rates on your site.

Low Cost

Social media should be looked at as a chance for free advertising. You do not have to pay to have an account, and only pay for post promotion if you so choose. This means that you get increased website traffic, customer engagement, and all the other benefits of social media for little to no monetary cost.

Although some type of social media presence is necessary, your business doesn’t necessarily have to put time & resources into every platform available. To determine which social platforms would best fit your business, think about the type of content you will be posting & who your target audience is. If you have little experience in the realm of social media, or are just too busy to add this task to your workload, consider consulting a digital marketing expert to help you take advantage of this marketing tool.

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