Why Should You Translate Your Keywords?

Keywords are essential to your sites SEO. Keywords help let Googles bots know what your website is trying to target & identify what your content is about. Keywords have such a significant impact on your sites SEO, Google has its own algorithm that detects if you are misusing your keywords. Boston web marketing is here to give you some pointers on how to use keywords correctly and make sure your site does not get a penalty from Google.

What is Key Word Stuffing?

Keyword stuffing originated in the early stages of the internet. Google has never given any guidelines to follow for SEO; however, as the years went on, they began to make more and more rules. When Google first started tracking keywords, sites used to use as many keywords as possible on their website and in their content. This was having low ranking sites boost to the top of the SERPS because of the number of keywords on their website. This made google introduce Googles algorithm called penguin. To make sure your site doesn’t get this penalty, go through all of your pages & make sure no sentence is over littered with a keyword. For example “If you are hungry for ice cream make sure you know ice cream is our business so come on down for some ice cream” vs. “if you need some ice cream come on down to Mom & pops Ice cream shop!” You have to make sense of your keywords if they are forced and overpopulating content, then you are increasing your chances of getting hit with Google’s algorithm.

What is the Importance of Location tracking?

After you have all of your content pages set.  The next step is building up some location tracking for your keywords. Location tracking should be on all of the platforms you have for your site, such as Google Analytics, Google Search console, Google Tag manager. Location tracking will show you what keywords are being used the most in areas around you. Sometimes certain areas use a specific keyword more than other keywords. It is essential to find the trend, so you can start to optimize your content to target these particular areas. Location keywords are essential for boosting conversions. Location keywords can also be of great use in a PPC campaign; giving you a target to increase your budget in a specific area.

If you have any more questions or concerns regarding keywords, please feel free to contact Boston Web Marketing 857.526.0096.

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