Why Should My Website Have a Blog?

Blogs can take some time to write, but they are definitely worth having on your site. Blogs increase your visibility and credibility to users and Google. Regularly posting new and fresh content can help your SEO and be beneficial to your site’s visitors. Here are some reasons you should consider writing blogs for your website:

Bring Traffic to Your Site

When you write blog content with relevant keywords to your business or industry, you can drive your site traffic. Fresh content on your site can help you rank higher in search results than other websites that aren’t putting out blogs regularly. Blogs are an easy way to drive traffic to your site. Writing FAQ-style blogs can help users searching for a specific question within your industry end up on your site. 

Converting Traffic into Leads

When your site starts to get more traffic due to blog posts, there is more of a chance of gaining leads. Generating leads can happen more often if you are using calls to action in your blog posts. This can be anything from adding your phone number or internally linking pages to your services. Readers will be more likely to go through your site when you link other pages. 

Becoming an Industry Leader

Having unique blog content and relevant industry news will make readers more interested in your services than another company with no blog on their site. Keeping up to date with what’s hot and trendy will get you more readers and users on your site. 

Boosting Social Media

Blogs are great for sharing through social media. Once you write one, you can make it into a social media post to help gain readers and users to your site. When you create relevant, engaging, and enjoyable content to read, you will get more likes, shares, and comments. When you share your own content on social media, followers and users will be more likely to read it than posting blogs from other sites. 

Relationships With Potential Customers

Encouraging readers to engage with your posts can help get you business and retain customers. By interacting with readers, they will form a relationship with you and want to come back for more. Building trust and gaining insight from customers can help you grow and evolve as a business. Responding to comments and answering questions will make users feel connected to your brand. 

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