Why Should I Schedule Out My Social Media Posts?

As a marketer or small business owner, social media probably plays a key part in your customer outreach strategy. To stay relevant, you most likely want to keep your posts as timely as possible, but that takes time. Unless you have someone designated solely to work on your social media, planning out posts regularly can take a long time. While some may frown on the spontaneity scheduling posts in advance may lack, scheduling out your social media in advance can actually help your marketing strategy!

Setting the tone early

Whether you are scheduling the whole month in advance or going week by week, you’ll be able to see directly on the screen how much time you have to promote upcoming events or seasonal services you are trying to boost. This allows you to allocate the amount of time you will spend posting about the key marketing effort of the month against more general posts. Since you will be writing them at once, you can make sure each post is written in your brand’s voice, adding authenticity to each post. No one will have to know you wrote it ahead of time because it won’t feel off from the others! If something about the post goes awry, such as an untimely weather reference, you can always rewrite or reschedule the post for another day.

Consistency across platforms

Do you have a social network you post to more than others? Scheduling programs often allow you to schedule for multiple social networks at once, allowing you to post just as much to Twitter as you do on Facebook. With their latest update, HootSuite even allows you to schedule Instagram posts in advance, which can be pushed to various social networks.

Saving time for additional efforts

Scheduling out your social media doesn’t mean you have to stop posting intermittently if something exciting comes up for your business, but it means you don’t have to think of something witty and relevant to say every single day. An additional benefit to scheduling posts out is not having to worry if you get too busy to put something up for a day or two. Scheduling out your social media is a fail safe against inadvertently ignoring your key audience.

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