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Why Should I Outsource My SEO Strategy?

On paper, SEO sounds simple- create great content and be active on social media and customers will come flooding in. But as we all know, the world of SEO goes well beyond this. SEO is perhaps the most valuable business strategy when it comes to expanding your customer base, but only when done well. It can be tempting to handle SEO yourself but the learning curve and time consuming nature of SEO work lead many business owners to outsource their SEO strategy.


What Will An SEO Team Actually Do?

By hiring an SEO team your business will have a dedicated team to handle your online presence whether it is your website, social media pages, online advertising and so on. By focusing on keywords and locations which your business targets while closely monitoring traffic and data trends an SEO team can drastically improve your business’ visibility online. 


The main goal of SEO is to make your website the number one result when a user searches for one of your keywords, primarily through Google. This is achieved through thoughtful and optimized website design, regular blog and content posting and studies of keyword and search query trends. Business owners already have a massive number of responsibilities- learning SEO tactics and utilizing them can be burdensome to add to the mix. 


Not only this, those who are not keen on SEO may unknowingly practice “black hat” SEO. Black hat SEO simply refers to tactics which Google and other engines will penalize a business for such as duplicate content and keyword stuffing, to name a few. Experienced SEO specialists know to look out for black hat SEO and can provide the same results whilst staying within Google’s guidelines.


Will Outsourcing Change My Brand and Tone?

We understand the work and pride which come with owning and operating a business. Many business owners are skeptical to work on SEO with an outside team due to fear that their opinion on content will not be heard. Rest assured this is not the case at all! SEO specialists grant the business final say in all content and work diligently to match the tone and style of a business. The goal is always to naturally optimize your web presence and help you build a client base, not to take control!


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