Why Should I Utilize Google My Business?

If you are a business owner you might be somewhat familiar with the marketing tools that Google provides to its users. Even if you are working with a marketing agency at some capacity, you might have an idea as to why optimizing your GMB Business Profile can help grow your business by increasing traffic and conversions exponentially. In this article, our goal is to address an important question when it comes to growing your business in the digital landscape: “why should I utilize google my business?”

Why Should I Utilize Google My business?

What you may not know is that every day Google makes it easier and easier for a user to find & access relevant information at the click of a button, while this increases ease of access, these changes can skew your current metrics.

With these new developments and changes to the platform, marketers and business owners alike may worry when they see their monthly conversions dropping. Fear not, because while Google’s updates cause constant changes to a marketing plan, the overall idea is that the more information you provide on the Google Platform, the better your site will score when it comes to showing up in search results. Below is an overview of what Google My Business is, and how each component can help you reach new locations, attract new customers, and stay ahead of the digital curve.

The Shift in Driving Traffic & Conversions

Google is taking great strides to streamline the user experience, which can serve as both a positive and negative for any current business owner. You may notice a dip in some key metrics that you are currently using to determine the performance of your site. This is not to say that you will notice any outrageous differences, but it is important to note that you may need to keep a closer eye on additional metrics such as Google My Business, Analytics, and any other platform you use to determine your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

Increased Exposure & Engagement

By allowing a business owner to directly engage with users on Google, a new pathway has opened to engaging & communicating with clients, without them ever having to click through to your website. While this may sound confusing, think of GMB as a summary of your business. This summary offers consumers everything from store hours, directions, service area, blog content and so much more. More and more people are making their decisions based off of what information is readily available on Google, don’t lose out on any opportunity because you cannot be found!


Google now allows businesses to link 3rd party appointment systems and online stores that allow a user to set up an appointment & even purchase goods from your company without ever visiting your website (unless your store or appointment system is on your site). In short, Google is doing all that it can to provide & streamline the user experience by cutting down on clicks and driving users to exactly what they are looking for by giving them immediate & tangible search results.

A highlight of What Business Owners Can do on Their Google My Business Page:

  • List Store Hours, Special Hours & Closures, Service Areas, Address, Phone Number, Website URL
  • Post Call to actions such as coupons, exclusive deals, or highlight an upcoming event
  • Post & Receive customer reviews directly from Google
  • List Products & Services
  • Allow users to schedule appointments directly through Google
  • Allow users to enter your online store directly from Google
  • List additional information such as Wi-fi access, wheelchair accessibility, Woman-led or veteran led businesses
      • Give consumers all the information they need to make a decision (& then some)

The Bottom Line

As the ever-expanding race beat out your competition continues to grow with new businesses entering the field every day it is essential as a business owner to stay on top of any changes in current marketing trends that will affect your overhead and livelihood. By staying up to date with new marketing practices you are enabling yourself to keep up with the changes in technology to ensure that you are never a step behind when it comes to being found by the right audience.

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