Why Should I Improve My Landing Page?

A landing page is a single page on your website that serves as the first point of contact for a potential lead. It is usually created with a business objective or goal in mind. There is a question that every SEO specialist should think of when creating a landing page: Am I optimizing for my customers or Google Search Engine?


You obviously can do both. However, it is important to note that several Google Algorithm updates have reportedly punished landing pages that are created with the only purpose of achieving a higher rank in SERPs. These pages usually have very poor user experience, meaning visitors who click on the links are less likely to find the information they actually want.


If there is one thing you can do to improve your digital marketing plan today, have a landing page with the best user experience possible. One mistake that a lot of companies made is that they use their website’s home pages as landing pages. By doing this, companies are missing out on huge opportunities to convert traffic into a meaningful lead. Using a targeting landing page will increase the likelihood of captivating your visitors and actually encourages them to learn more about your offers and services.


Here are a few things you need to keep in mind when creating your landing page:


  1. Focus: Your visitors land on your website with a purpose. Do not distract them with a sea of links and additional information! Keep them focused on your conversion goals: filling out a form, calling your sales reps, or buying that new steam iron.


  1. Value: If your landing page doesn’t communicate the values to your customers, you are wasting their time and interest. Before launching your landing page, ask yourself if the values are compelling to your visitors and if the landing page clearly indicates them.


  1. Sharing is caring: If you have a tempting offer, allow your visitors to share it with their friends. Word of mouth, or word of sharing in this case, is a powerful tool to increase your marketing reach.


  1. Short is sweet: The phrase “Less is more” very often applies in marketing. Keeping your lead conversion process simple and free of unnecessary steps could increase conversion rate and be the key to a successful conversion campaign.


  1. Persistence: It is not viable to create a perfect landing page right out of thin air. Testing, evaluating and adjusting is essential components of any marketing campaign. Find out what works best for your business!


There are several other tips and tricks that Boston Web Marketing SEO Specialists hold true to our hearts when we create our beautiful and effective landing pages. We also would love to help you improve your current SEO campaigns or build new ones! Get in touch with us at (857) 527-0096.

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