Why Should I Continue to Use Google Posts?

Your Google My Business listing is a major ranking factor for your business. After adding proper categories and building out your services, you may think you are done with the listing and it can be left alone. That’s where many business owners are incorrect: much like your website and social media accounts, your Google My Business listing can always benefit from new, fresh content, including posts about promotions, links to your blog and information about any seasonal services you provide. Read on to learn more about this feature and how it can benefit your company!

What are Google Posts?

Google Posts are short updates that can be shared directly to your Google My Business listing, appearing on the Knowledge Panel in search results. In 1,500 characters or less, you can add an informative paragraph or sentence to your listing, pushing critical information to the forefront of your business. You can include an image as well as a categorized link to your site, encouraging users to book, order, sign up or learn more about your services. Each post stays live on your listing for seven days.

Benefits of Using Google Posts

Google Posts have several benefits to a business, especially those looking to increase their organic presence as more of the page is taken up by paid advertising.

  • Draws More Attention To Your Listing. Your Google My Business listing is one of your top-ranking factors, becoming the largest local ranking factor in the last several years. Additional content on your listing, especially content that is consistently updated and kept fresh, can help improve your listing’s findability in search results.
  • Increase Purchases & Conversions. Are you an e-commerce business looking to increase purchases of some of your higher-end products? Looking to increase your mailing list? Adding links to these pages can help increase actions taken on your website. The posts can be tailored to specific audiences depending on the day or week, altering the types of actions you are looking for from your customer or potential client base.
  • Further Signal-Boosting for Your Content. If you don’t publicize your content once it’s been posted online, your built-in customer base may have problems finding it. The internet is filled with pages and pages of information on any number of topics, and making sure you seem like the voice of authority in your local field will make interested customers more likely to choose your company to do business with. Google Posts are quick to update and can make a significant impact on your organic traffic and conversion rates.

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