Why should I care about your social media?

Not to be mean, but if I am looking at a web site or a product or a sign that’s plastered with social media icons, I normally think, “ugh.”  Why would I should I care about what you’re doing there and take the time out of my day to follow you or visit your other pages?  Social media icons have become so ubiquitous that they don’t mean anything to me anymore.  Like bar codes or disclaimers, I’m normally not interested.  And, I’m busy.

Your job as a business or a product or a brand is to make me want to see more of you in that great big cyber universe.  So how do you do that?  Just give me a good reason.

Tell me why I should follow you.  Will you be sharing important information with me? Sending me coupons? Making announcements about things of interest?  Will that information be up-to-date and maintained regularly?  These are the things that may get me there and maybe even keep me coming back and that is good for you.

We seem to be getting lazy and sticking these icons all over everything and they are starting to mean nothing.  Take a random tour of the web someday and follow the social media around from place to place.  I bet you will find a whole lot of nothing.  What’s the point?  Social Media only works if you or your SEO folks work at it.  Give people a reason to visit and make sure to give them a reason to return if you want a good social media campaign.

And never tell me to “Like if you like cheese/puppies/beaches/blondes.”  If that’s all you have to say, I am dumping you.

By Don MacMelville

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