Why You Should Be Utilizing Email Marketing

Is emailing clients and customers a thing of the past? Do people even look at emails? All of these plus more are always on the minds of small business owners. We work with small business owners every day, and we understand that everyone is busy and wants to do what makes the most sense (and brings in the most clients) for their businesses. Email is widely used today by practically everyone, and it’s a tool that isn’t going away. There are many benefits to utilizing email marketing, and yes, you should be utilizing all of them.

Main benefits to email marketing

  • It’s affordable – in fact, most times it’s even free. Sending out email campaigns for a promotion you are running, weekly specials, and a monthly newsletter all cost you nothing but have the potential to bring you more business.
  • It’s also simple. It’s simple in the way that you can give your clients what they need to know and be done. There are no tricks or “better” ways to do it than to keep it simple & straightforward.
  • You are staying top of mind to your clients. This means the next time they are looking for your service they will remember you, and use you again. Clients you already have rapport with who know you, and your work, are easier to work with.
  • It’s easy to track. You are able to track in email software systems the amount of people who open and click through the emails and you can see for yourself how many people are seeing your emails and looking at what’s inside. You can also track deliverable rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates.
  • It can help with referral business. This is because if you are running a promotion or have information that someone’s friend was talking about – it’s easy to forward the information to them and introduce your business that way.

When it comes down to it, email marketing is proven to work for those reasons. You are engaging with your clients, letting them know you still are in business, it allows you to give information, and you have real-time knowledge of your audience.

If you are email marketing now and not seeing results, we have advice on how to improve your strategy to see more results. Email marketing is a great strategy for your marketing efforts. If you have more questions about email marketing and would like a free consultation, contact us today on our website.

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