Why Should I Be Using Facebook Power Editor?

If you are managing a large number of Facebook advertising campaigns, Power Editor offers a handful of advanced options that are not available on Facebook’s Ad Manager. For some marketers, it may be tempting to rely only on the ‘boost post’ button, but if you are looking for a more robust tool to manage your Facebook ads than we recommend that you give Facebook Power Editor a chance.

What is Facebook Power Editor?

Power Editor is a Facebook advertising tool designed for advertisers who need to create multiple ads at once and have precise control of their campaigns. The Power Editor tool is only available on the Google Chrome browser but it is a free tool that everyone can use.

Reasons why you should be using Power Editor

Device Targeting

Facebook’s Ads Manager allows you to choose whether to advertise in the newsfeed or in the right column, but if you are looking for more targeting options, Power Editor allows you to choose whether or not if you would like your ad to be featured on mobile platforms or desktop. This will allow you to focus on how you would like your ad displayed so that you are not wasting your ad budget.

Custom Audiences

Power Editor lets you target your ideal demographic and interests more effectively by uploading customer lists using email addresses or phone numbers so that you know exactly who you are targeting based on their purchase history. There is also a function to use ‘lookalike audiences’ which are users that are similar to your current customer list.

Image Library

All images that have been used in past Facebook ads are saved and are waiting for you in once place, making it easy to reuse the image if needed or to compare performances.

Optimize Bidding

In Power Editor you can manually optimize bids for clicks, reach, social or actions instead of the tradition CPC or CPM.

Advanced Objectives

The standard advert objectives include clicks to the website, page likes, app installations and post engagement, but Power Editor lets you get more specific such as sponsored stories about people liking your post, commenting on your post, or sharing your post.

Bulk Importing

Users can use an excel file to create dozens of variations of ad campaigns by tweaking the wording, images or target audience and upload them to Power Editor in bulk. This is a great tool when A/B testing or multivariate testing.

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